The following will be a collection of battle strategies made by people on the wiki. It should include information like what Troops to use.

Diversion Tactic (By EpicLord)

The diversion tactic is for use on wilderness from Forest on up, and in PvP. Normally, your army is consists of mostly pikemen, archers, and artillery. However, it becomes very difficult to go into wildernesses and have very few losses, without a rediculously large food army. This is where the diversion tactic comes in. What you will need is your normal bulk army (pikemen, archers, artillery) and then 1 paladin, 1 cavalry, and 1 cataphract. Now, the way the battle system works, your paladin, cavalry, and cataphract will move up into battle, about a turn ahead of your pikemen. Your full strength enemy will now, instead of target your pikemen first will waste their attack volley on your single paladin, cavalry, and cataphract! This saves a very large amount of pikemen, and artificially increases your army's strength by a significant amount. You can now attack wilds that were previously too strong. It also punishes a player's army, if they only invest in the 3 bulk units, as it will save a whole round of attacks. Overall, the diversion tactic is a very powerful way to artificially increase your army's strength during the middle and late parts of the game.