This p is for general Lord of Ages strategy/tips.

GameMaster InfiniteHunter/IH's Strategy Edit

This strategy focuses on getting resources as quickly as possible, leading you to expand faster.

Starting Out
When you start out, follow the tutorial as much as you can. Routine quest rewards are going to be the most important thing, so do as many of those as you can. For the quests that require recruiting troops or building fortifications, don't use any of your items to speed them up; you'll need them later.

Your first city should have one of every building. In terms of resource production, you should have 4 iron mines and 4 sawmills, 3 quarries, and 5 farms. It doesn't matter how you arrange them, but personally, I like to put the farms in the upper right, the iron mines to the left, the sawmills to the south, and the quarries in the upper-middle.

When you can build a new city, do so. Some people will tell you to build your city farther away; do so. In fact, build your city about 10 to 15 minuetes away from your first city.

Your new city should have one of every building, like your first city, but with a few exceptions. You can't build more than one Marketplace or Workshop, so those are out of the question. Also, don't build another Expansion Bureau or Beacon Tower; you only need one, and if you build any more, it's going to be a lot of resources and coin down the drain.

Now here's where things change a little bit. Each of these cities is going to specialize in producing either stone, lumber, or iron. You should have one farm, but 15 of any other one resource factory (i.e. 1 farm and 15 sawmills). Do not build a city with 16 farms. The reason why you have 1 farm at all is so that your transporters don't starve to death.

If your new cities runout of resources, send some from your main city. The farther along you go, the easier it will be.